The Suicide Squad’s Gag Reel Is Finger-Lickin’ Good

The Suicide Squad’s Gag Reel Is Finger-Lickin’ Good
The job has its perks. (Image: Warner Bros.)

If there’s a better afternoon treat than a four-minute gag real from director James Gunn’s wonderfully wicked The Suicide Squad, chances are we’re not getting one today. One punny warning, though — this gag reel might actually make you gag, depending on how you feel after watching James’ brother Sean feverishly lick a window as Weasel.

Seriously, this has everything you want in a gag reel. Flubbed lines. Actors breaking into laughs. Technical issues. People falling. Silly and/or dirty improv by comedians like Javelin actor Flula Borg. Profanity. Animals going out of control, in this case to Margot Robbie’s panicked amusement. A look at how absurd shooting the movie was in reality, especially the CGI characters like Weasel and King Shark (physically performed by Steve Agee), before the CGI was put in. A glorious nut shot, courtesy of Elba inadvertently tossing a gun into David Dastmalchian’s groin. And, of course, everyone’s favourite thing to watch: John Cena sucking on a severed finger.

For some reason, the thing that gives me the most joy is Michael Rooker, laughing so hard he can barely squeak out a few words, while wearing that unfathomably dumb Savant wig.

My second favourite part is how Warner Bros. felt it necessary to bleep out the gag reel’s dirty words for a movie that was extremely R-rated, including the dialogue (which was also written by James Gunn).