Let’s Talk About Sex (In Space), Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex (In Space), Baby
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Last week, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission got us thinking about the future of space tourism and the possibility of us common folk one day having a vacay among the stars. But this week, a sex toy maker wants us to think about sex in space.

Although we all thought Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket New Shepard resembled a penis, there’s more to this idea of sex in space than rich men sending phallic objects into the sky.

Let’s Take A Step Back

We-Vibe, a sex toy maker that calls itself a ‘global pleasure brand’, teamed up with a bunch of researchers called Erobotics Research Consulting to explore the awkward reality of space tourism and how to overcome it.

In a report titled Sex Tech In Space, We-Vibe makes the argument that “space exploration is a prisoner of an old paradigm set forth by the dominating fields of engineering, physics and mathematics”.

That is, since the 50s space exploration has been more Rocket Science and Astrophysics and less on the human side. Space agencies know how to launch spacecrafts but they don’t know how to actually live in space.

The report argues in the very near future of space travel, exploration and colonisation, the fields of life and social sciences will become extremely important.

“The next chapter of space exploration will ask much more from diversified fields, researchers and sectors of activities… we will have to learn how to live, prosper and be happy in space,” it states.

OK, So Where Does Sex In Space Come Into It?

If current predictions hold true, there will be thousands of space travellers and workers by 2040, to the extent that some may eventually live there for years.

“One way or the other, these people will definitely aim to fulfill their intimate and sexual needs through solitary or partnered sexual activities,” the report says.

“Travelling and living in space for prolonged periods require the honesty of recognising these needs.”


We-Vibe argues masturbation is a far more practical solution for sexual gratification in space.

“While the idea of bringing a sex toy on a trip to space may sound odd, we might need them quite soon,” it says.

There’s A Bit To Consider Here

Thanks to physics, there’s a bit of a problem: there’s a lack of gravity, a lack of privacy and conditions for, um, liquid disposal, aren’t exactly the best.

“The lack of research and huge taboo treatment when it comes to space orgasms makes it hard to test our products in real space conditions, but we already have technology that could help overcome some of these challenges,” We-Vibe head of sexual empowerment (what a title) Johanna Rief says.

But fear not, they’re working on it.

Some Final Thoughts On Sex In Space

Erobotics Research Consulting says: “moving forward, space agencies and the public supporting them need to be reminded that approaching questions of human sexuality from a positive, scientific, empathetic and inclusive perspective is paramount to our health, wellbeing and the success of our extraterrestrial life”.

They argue the need to be reminded that sexual health is health, sexual rights are human rights, sexuality means diversity, pleasure is fun and important, and that technology can help.

Now you have some things to think about before you consider a honeymoon in space, eh?