This New App Can Track And Map Bushfires In The Northern Territory

This New App Can Track And Map Bushfires In The Northern Territory
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Researchers at Charles Darwin University have developed exciting new mapping technology that could prove to be a godsend during bushfire season in the Northern Territory.

As climate change continues to wreak havoc on our way of life as we know it, the new technology from Charles Darwin University could drastically change the way we map bushfire-prone areas in the country’s Top End.

“The new technology will make high-resolution mapping of burnt areas available through the NAFI (Northern Australia Fire Information) app,” Charles Darwin University said in a statement. “This has been developed under the Northern Territory Risk Reduction Program which is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments.”

For its part, the Australian Government contributed $122,000 to the development of the technology.

“The technology will allow our bushfire volunteers, landholders and community members access to high-resolution maps of areas burnt by bushfires,” Minister for Emergency Management Senator Bridget McKenzie said.

“If you’re a rural block owner, pastoralist, park manager, Indigenous Ranger, conservation scientist or member of the public, you can view maps of recent fire activity and burnt areas in high resolution and keep a constant eye on bushfire threats.”

Basically, the technology is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to fuel reduction during controlled burns and overall bushfire preparedness in the Top End.

“Our land management practises [sic] – especially when it comes to fuel load and controlled burns are the standard the rest of Australia should follow,” Senator for the Northern Territory Dr Sam McMahon said.

Similarly, NT Minister for Environment Eva Lawler said the new app makes it easier for crews on the ground during a bushfire to assess where the fire could be heading and, in turn, where to send critical resources.

“With the Top End fire season here, the Territory Government is making sure all landholders are prepared by lending a hand to those that need it most and working with other landholders to make sure fire loads are reduced to limit the risk to the community,” she said.

“This new mapping technology will assist our hardworking Bushfire NT staff and volunteers along with rural landholders to identify fires and assist in mitigation efforts.

The app is free and readily available via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching ‘NAFI’. Alternatively, you can download it via the website here.