We’re Not Getting The New MacBook Pro Until At Least October

We’re Not Getting The New MacBook Pro Until At Least October
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Apple’s highly-anticipated M1X MacBook Pro could be delayed until October amid the global chip shortage, so maybe wait a few weeks if you’re planning on upgrading your laptop.

We already know it’s set to be a huge couple of months for Apple, with the iPhone 13, new AirPods, a number of new iPads and the highly-anticipated 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros all set to be announced in upcoming events. But now it looks like the MacBook could be delayed until at least October, or maybe even November.

According to DigiTimes, the intended launch date has been pushed back a month or two as the global chip shortage continues to cause difficulty across the tech sector.

“The ongoing chip shortages that are in varying degrees may cause the launch of Apple’s upcoming miniLED-backlit MacBook Pros to be scheduled in October or even November, instead of the usual September, according to industry sources,” the DigiTimes report reads.

Interestingly, the report comes after DigiTimes reported that the MacBook Pro entered mass production last month, with 600,000-800,000 models expected to arrive before November.

While it’s a little disappointing to cop a month or two delay on the MacBooks we’ve all been waiting for, this is significantly less of a delay than other manufacturers, which have experienced much longer delays, stretching well into 2022.

Since the launch of the M1 MacBook Pro last year, all eyes have been on this year’s model, which is expected to debut the highly-anticipated M1X (or M2) chip, which will beef up the new 14- and 16-inch MacBooks significantly.

Apple is expected to launch its new range of products over a number of events in September, but specific dates are yet to be announced. It’s unclear if this delay means the events will also be pushed back until later in September or throughout October, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as these event dates are confirmed.

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