Google Pixel 3 Devices Are Bricking And Nobody Knows Why

Google Pixel 3 Devices Are Bricking And Nobody Knows Why
Image: Gizmodo

Google Pixel 3 owners are reporting their devices are totally bricking, according to Google’s Issue Tracker and various other forums and threads across the internet.

As first reported by Ars Technica, all reports of devices dying a premature death are citing the same issue. Basically, the devices become totally unresponsive and display the dreaded ‘Emergency Download (EDL) mode’ screen.

For those unaware, the EDL screen is essentially the Google Pixel version of the light you supposedly see before you die. Once this screen appears, your device is rendered useless, with Google users reporting the phone won’t boot into Android and therefore can’t do the usual recovery modes.

“We cannot produce a bug report because the device is fully bricked. I saw some message of “your device is corrupted” and after that I never could turn it back on. It’s stuck in EDL mode,” one user wrote in the Google Issue Tracker after being asked to submit a report.

By the looks of the Issue Tracker, Google has been helpful in trying to rectify the issue, but unfortunately it looks like it has been unable to find a solution thus far.

It is unclear what exactly causes the issue in this situation, but it appears to be isolated to the Pixel 3 range, according to reports.

Ars Technica has speculated that it could be a hardware issue not unlike the LG bootlooping bricking situation, however, this is yet to be confirmed by Google.

A major concern here is that a lot of the Pixel 3 devices that are having these issues will either be out of warranty or close to, which means customers could be forced to pay out of pocket to fix the problem.

However, it’s worth noting that Google has previously extended the warranty on some Pixel 4 devices to cover known issues with the device, so there’s always the possibility it could do the same for the Pixel 3s now that the bricking issue has been brought to light.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Google for comment.