What You Can Now Do With Google Apps On iOS 15

What You Can Now Do With Google Apps On iOS 15
Photos and YouTube Music widgets are coming to iPad. (Image: Google)

Apple iOS 15 is here, and Google wants to show you what you can now do with its apps on the latest iPhone or iPad software. Here’s a quick look at Google apps on iOS 15.

Focus, Even In Google Apps

One of the biggest new features in iOS is called Focus, which you can find in the main Settings menu. It’s like Do Not Disturb, but you can set up multiple scenarios — like home, work or holiday — and set custom notification rules for each one. There’s also the option to let other people know you’ve got notifications off when they try to text you.

Google has updated Google apps to work with Focus mode and won’t silence the important stuff.

If you’re navigating somewhere with Google Maps, the app will still let you know when you need to make a turn or if there are changes to your route. Similarly, the Google Home app will let you know if there’s an unfamiliar face at your door.

“And if you set a reminder in Google Tasks that’s linked to a specific time, like ‘take the cupcakes out of the oven at 11:45’, we’ll be sure to notify you,” Google says.

But the less important stuff will be sent directly to the Notifications Center.

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see these new notification changes roll out across Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home and other Google apps.

Bigger Google Widgets For iPad

In the coming weeks, Google Photos and YouTube Music will roll out extra large versions of their widgets, so you can easily access Memories and your favourite music or vids from content creators on your iPad Home Screen.

Easier Access To Google Apps On iOS 15

Google has now made it possible to search for a song in Spotlight, and can start playing it directly in YouTube Music.

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