You Can Now Wear Far Cry 6 On Your Bits

You Can Now Wear Far Cry 6 On Your Bits
Image: Budgy Smugglers/Ubisoft

We might not have Far Cry 6 in our hot little hands just yet, but, to fill the void, Ubisoft has gifted us with, um, swimwear. Yep, you read right, swimwear.

We’re not sure who asked for it, but Ubisoft has teamed up with the folks at Budgy Smuggler to release swimwear featuring Far Cry 6 characters Chorizo and Chicharrón.

The male ‘Smugglers’ and female one-piece ‘Smugglettes’ come in two styles.

The first, ‘Chorizo Aqua Blue’, Ubisoft says, is “Inspired by the tropical flavour of Yara’s ocean and sky”. The Chorizo Aqua Blue features Chorizo, the super cute dachshund.

The ‘Chicharrón Solar Yellow’ set, meanwhile, is meant to represent the “golden glow of tropical sunsets and the burning heart of Yara’s revolution”. This pair features Chicharrón, Yara’s rooster.

You OK Ubisoft?

Far Cry 6 is due next week. What we know so far is that Far Cry 6 follows the story of Dani Rojas and a modern-day guerrilla revolution set in Yara, which is a fictional tropical paradise frozen in time in the heart of the Caribbean. Players will come up against President Anton Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) who vows to restore his country to its former glory.

In short: Far Cry 6 is very much a very good looking Far Cry game.

Far Cry 6 is due for release on October 7, on PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles. But the swimwear is available now via the Budgy Smugglers website. They’ll set you back $60 for the Smugglers and $90 for the one-piece Smugglettes.