If You Want To Use Apple’s VR Headset, You Should Probably Buy An iPhone

If You Want To Use Apple’s VR Headset, You Should Probably Buy An iPhone
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In news that should hardly come as a shock, the highly-anticipated Apple virtual reality headset will likely require an iPhone connection, according to the latest leak.

Apple has remained tight-lipped about the VR/AR headset, so we know pretty much nothing officially just yet, but sources tell The Information that the headset will require “a phone or a similar device” to operate.

If this proves to be true, there’s a possibility you could also use an iPad or Mac to connect.

As per the report from The Information, Apple is reportedly working on a custom chip for the headset, which will intentionally leave out capabilities found in other Apple devices, so you’ll need to pair the headset with an iPhone or other product to actually use it.

Essentially, it looks like the chip will stream data from your iPhone or Mac, rather than doing the heavy lifting for itself.

The new rumour comes after Apple has made a number of VR/AR hires in recent years — including leading VR specialist Doug Bowman — which has ramped up suspicions that we should be getting a headset reveal sometime in the not-too-distant future.

According to rumours, Apple is working on at least two AR/VR-related products, which will likely include the highly-anticipated AR glasses and a headset that resembles the stuff we’ve seen from the likes of Oculus in recent years.

We’ve still got no word on what exactly we should expect to see in a VR/AR headset from Apple, but according to patents, the technology has been in the works for at least 10 years, so hopefully it will be pretty revolutionary.

Apple is yet to reveal any sort of launch timeframe for the upcoming AR/VR products, but analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo believe the first “mixed reality” headset will hit shelves in mid 2022, with the Apple Glasses to follow a few years later in 2025.