Woman Photographed Leaning Out Of A Cadillac Brandishing An AK-47, Car Impounded

Woman Photographed Leaning Out Of A Cadillac Brandishing An AK-47, Car Impounded

The San Francisco Police Department has seized a Cadillac CTS, after the car was captured on camera with a passenger hanging out the window holding an AK-47. The picture of the car and passenger was taken during “an illegal exhibition of speed event,” according to the SFPD.

That’s not police jargon for a run-the-mill speeding violation, by the way. The New York Post reports that it refers to a California’s Vehicle Code 23109, citing a report from local news outlet KRON4. That code refers to a “motor vehicle speed contest,” so this is likely about street racing, or whipping shitties or something similar.

The SFPD explained that the illegal event took place at the intersection of Barneveld Ave. and McKinnon Ave. almost a month ago, on July 11 of this year.

The department built a case and found the Cadillac, which has been impounded. There’s no news on whether the driver, passenger or the rifle were detained or seized along with the first-gen Cadillac CTS.

Screenshot: Google Maps

A cursory glance at the intersection the SFPD specified shows a section of road with a lot of tire marks, the kind left behind by people doing doughnuts. It does look like the CTS in the image is taking a sharp turn, but it’s not clear it’s doing a doughnut. I guess if it were doing a doughnut, that theoretically tightens the radius of the bullet’s trajectory in an accidental misfire, but that hardly makes it better.

Even though this is officially related to a speed violation, the woman in that CTS is less Need For Speed and more Grand Theft Auto, according to our own Adam Ismail. I would like to say this is in-game footage from the latest GTA, and that this is what ray tracing looks like in next-gen consoles, but no. This is America.

Credit to Dave (@exMalwa) for pointing us to the SFPD tweet.