Apple Won’t Give Us More iMac Ports, But This Satechi Accessory Does The Trick Instead

Apple Won’t Give Us More iMac Ports, But This Satechi Accessory Does The Trick Instead
Image: Satechi
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Although Apple is rumoured to be bringing back all of the important ports it stole in recent iMac and MacBook models, this isn’t particularly helpful for those of us who forked out on a new computer that is limited to a couple of USB-C ports. But thankfully, Satechi has answered our prayers with a six-port hub that seamlessly connects to the front of your iMac screen.

The USB-C Clamp Hub by Satechi is designed exclusively for the 24-inch iMac, which only offers a bunch of USB-C ports on the back of the screen. But for $US54.99, you can access a USB-C port, 3 USB-A 3.0 data ports, a micro SD and a regular SD card reader.

While the USB ports don’t support video pass-through or charging, which is somewhat of a downfall for the device, they do support up to 5GBps data transfer speeds. To put it simply, it’s a digital creative’s dream come true for transferring files and data.

While there have been countless dongles developed that serve a similar purpose, the fact that this new Satechi device clips onto your screen and blends in like it is part of the device is a huge game changer. However, it’s worth noting that the hub only comes in silver, so it won’t match with the new coloured iMacs.

Using an adjustable knob, you can tightly fasten the hub to your screen to ensure it stays put, even while you’re plugging and unplugging USBs all day long.

Unfortunately, the design of the hub means that it will only fit on the newest iMac and not previously models — which are thicker with a curved chassis.

You can preorder the USB-C Clamp Hub for $US54.99 (plus taxes and international shipping) exclusively from Satechi, and can use the discount code IMAC15 for 15% off the retail price. Preorders will begin shipping from mid-September.