You Can Browse All Your Favourite Fake Movies and TV Shows on This Netflix Parody Site

You Can Browse All Your Favourite Fake Movies and TV Shows on This Netflix Parody Site
Image: Nestflix

If you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix, maybe you should give Nestflix a shot.

No, it’s not a typo. One savvy web designer has created a parody streaming platform known as Nestflix for all the fake movies and TV shows you find nested within real movies and TV shows.

What is Nestflix?

Nestflix is a website designed to emulate Netflix’s streaming platform but you may not be familiar with some of its content.

Nestflix is populated with all fake movies and TV shows nested within real movies and TV shows. It turns out Hollywood loves creating a movie within a movie.

Have you ever wanted to watch the ‘Itchy & Scratchy Show’ from The Simpsons? Or how about ‘Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E’ from Friends? You can browse them all over on Nestflix.

Web designer Lynn Fisher created the website and posted it to Twitter, where it subsequently blew up with comments, likes and suggestions.

Can you actually watch any of these movies or TV shows?

Unfortunately, no.

While there are plenty of movies and TV shows on Nestflix that deserve to see the light of day, the website is just a bit of fun. Or, as Fisher describes it, “it’s just a wiki doing some cosplay”.

The site itself is incredibly well designed and looks exactly like what you’d find on Netflix. There’s cast information, key art, stills and a synopsis for each title.

You’ll likely lose hours of your life as you browse through all the movies and shows that could’ve been.

There are over 400 nested films and TV shows on Nestflix and users can submit their own suggestions for any missing titles.

I’d easily settle down to watch The Office’s Threat Level Midnight, The Boys’ Dawn of The Seven, or Schitt’s Creek’s Sunrise Bay any day of the week. It’s genuinely disappointing that you can’t just hit play.

Maybe some of the Hollywood studios should turn to Nestflix for their next project.