Rainbow, And I Cannot Stress This Enough, MacBook Air

Rainbow, And I Cannot Stress This Enough, MacBook Air
Jon Prosser/ RendersByIan

In news that is as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow, renders based on allegedly leaked images of the new MacBook Air show the laptops to be manufactured in the same colourways as the new M1 iMacs.

Update 11/8: 

Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed the company will launch a new mini-LED MacBook Air range in a variety of colour options in mid 2022. This seemingly confirms earlier leaks by Jon Prosser and Mark Gurman.

According to Kuo, the design will be similar to the MacBook Pro models we’re expecting later this year.

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According to leaker Jon Prosser – who has a pretty mixed track record with his Apple leaks – the next MacBook Air models will come in a range of colours, presumably to match the recently released 24-inch iMac and accessories.

macbook air leak
Jon Prosser / RendersByIan

In a new video on his Front Page Tech YouTube channel, Prosser gave insights into what we can expect from the new MacBook Air.

It’s worth noting that we should probably take everything he says with a giant grain of salt until there’s any sort of confirmation from Apple directly. But hey, it’s fun to speculate what we could be getting our hands on soon.

According to Prosser’s render, the new MacBook Air no longer features its signature tapered design. Instead, the device is thinner overall, which is a win in my books.

macbook air
Jon Prosser / RendersByIan

When it comes to colours, Prosser claims he personally saw a blue Macbook, with his source also claiming them saw a green design. Naturally, this has led him to believe that the device will mirror the incredibly aesthetically pleasing rainbow selection we’ve seen on the iMacs.

Prosser claims the colours will be “very close if not identical to the shades that you see on the stands for the new 24-inch iMacs,” which means you’ll likely be able to match your iMac, MacBook and accessories for a rainbow working experience.

Interestingly, the bezels and keyboard on the new MacBook will reportedly be white, with a marginally bigger keyboard than previous models.

As a card-carrying member of the Glossy White MacBook fan club, this makes me incredibly happy.

macbook air
Jon Presser / RendersByIan

There’s no official word on a release date for the new MacBook Air just yet, with Prosser predicting late 2021 or sometime in 2022.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend the rest of the year deciding which colour MacBook I’m buying.