Logitech’s Colourful Headphones Are a Cheap Way to Match Your Keyboard

Logitech’s Colourful Headphones Are a Cheap Way to Match Your Keyboard
The Logitech G335 wired headphones in mint look really good alongside other colourful peripherals. (Photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo)
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I admit it: I’m a sucker for colourful computer stuff. As customising mechanical keyboards becomes more popular, it seems natural to buy other peripherals that match. That’s why I was curious to test out the Logitech G335 wired gaming headset. These headphones are the budget alternative to the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB gaming headset, which features fancy lights and is almost twice the price.

There are three variations of the G335 headset, including black on black, white with blue trim, and mint with lavender. You can also buy a G305 wireless mouse to match. In fact, the entire lineup of Logitech’s colourful gaming peripherals is designed to match with the others in some capacity. And there are even interchangeable headband straps and mic coverings between the budget and high-end headphones. It’s a nice change in aesthetic compared to the usual black and grays that dominate the peripheral ecosystem. The G335 headphones are cheap enough that they’re worth checking out if you want to add some colour to your life.

Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset


A colourful pair of gaming headphones to match Logitech's other peripeherals




Comfortable and colourful


No noise cancellation

These Are Good Headphones

The Logitech G335 is a pretty good deal. For $129, you get a playful set of headphones with cushy foam and an adjustable microphone. They’re stretchy and bendy, but not so much that they feel breakable. The strap on the inside is made of thin foam, and you barely feel it on your head. As I mentioned, you can swap the straps as you see fit, and I could see myself buying the strap from the black version of the G335 headphones to get a little more purple in my array.

The Logitech G335 is a wired headset, which is why it’s more affordable than the wireless G733. It connects with a 3.5mm cable, which is long enough that I’m not snagging on my computer when I move around or tripping over it. There’s an additional Y-splitter available in the box for separating the audio and microphone inputs. The G335 headset works with any PC, Mac, mobile device, or compatible gaming console.

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo, In-House Art

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo, In-House Art

The microphone is retractable and features an easy flip-to-mute feature.

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo, In-House Art

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo, In-House Art

The cushions on the Logitech G335 make the headphones comfortable for all-day wear.

I couldn’t test the unidirectional microphone on the G335 because of my complicated office setup. However, there’s a flip-to-mute option available, so you can push back the microphone away from your face to keep your Discord community from listening to you breathe (unless you’re into an ASMR thing, which is cool, too).

They Sound Pretty Good, Too

The Logitech G335 wired gaming headset doesn’t have active noise cancellation, nor does it employ any positional audio technology. However, it’s compatible with Dolby and Windows Sonic Surround. There are 40mm neodymium drivers inside, which are pretty substantial for tuning in to music and games. In my case, I used the headphones mainly to listen to my favourite chill hop and space dreams stations while typing out blogs. I could catch all the minor effects poking through the melodies and the introspective dialogue woven in between. The headphones can get loud enough that anyone nearby will hear what’s playing when you take them off your ears. I also used the headphones for podcasting, and that adjustable volume switch on the back is handy when microphone levels randomly go awry.

After about a week, I defaulted to using the Logitech 335 wired gaming headset simply because it’s so comfortable. The slightly angular build made the headphones seem as if they’d be annoying, but I enjoyed wearing them. Frankly, I also felt less sweaty by the end of the workday because of the light cloth padding around the ear. They also weigh a mere 226.80 g, so there isn’t much weight to balance around my head.

The Logitech G335 headphones sound as good as they look, though you're not getting any noise cancellation features here.  (Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo)The Logitech G335 headphones sound as good as they look, though you’re not getting any noise cancellation features here. (Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo)

The biggest drawback of the G335 headphones is their lack of active noise cancellation features. Despite their relative comfort, I had to switch over to my Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones at points to drown out the world and focus on my work. I haven’t used the wireless G733 headphones to be able to suggest them over this pair. But if what you’re looking for is to block out the sound around you, you’ll have to pay much more for headphones with that particular perk.

For everyone interested in more colour in their everyday life, the Logitech G335 headphones are an affordable way to get that cyber-gamer aesthetic without breaking the bank and to match that keyboard you spent way too much money customising. You won’t get all the fancy features of an expensive pair of gaming headphones, but at least you can get a pair that matches everything else you have going on at your desk.