Jabra’s New Wireless Earbuds Include Hearing Enhancement for People Experiencing Early Hearing Loss

Jabra’s New Wireless Earbuds Include Hearing Enhancement for People Experiencing Early Hearing Loss
Image: Jabra

Jabra is best known around these parts for its excellent wireless earbuds, but the brand is also known for its hearing aids and other hearing enhancement devices. The new Jabra Enhance Plus sits somewhere in between those two product lines, doubling as both a pair of very compact wireless earbuds and a hearing enhancement device for those starting to experience hearing loss.

The Jabra Enhance Plus aren’t necessarily a replacement for the company’s existing wireless earbud products, but given they’re roughly 50% smaller than options like the Jabra Elite 68 T, they are a tempting upgrade. Jabra is instead positioning the new Enhance Plus buds as an “all-in-one hearable for the many people who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss but who are not yet ready for traditional all-day wear hearing aids,” such as the company’s Enhance Pro PM, which are worn behind the ears. The Enhance Plus are worn entirely in the ear, so they look like most other wireless earbuds on the market now, but they also include additional features allowing those starting to experience hearing loss to better hear conversations, music, and even TV and movies.

Image: Jabra Image: Jabra

The Jabra Enhance Plus also allow users to listen to music streamed from a smartphone, and make and take calls without having to pull a device out of their pocket. They include three different sizes of soft, flexible eartips to help ensure a secure fit in the wearer’s ear, and the water and dust-resistant earbuds’ 10 hours of battery life is extended to 30 hours in total when paired with an included charging case. The earbuds also pair with a mobile app allowing different listening modes to be selected tailored to different environments, including digital noise reduction to improve the clarity of speech when there’s lots of environmental noise around. (Wind, passing cars, etc.)

The earbuds will be available closer to the end of 2021 in two colorways: dark grey and gold beige, but will only be sold through “licensed Hearing Care Professionals” and will include a “medical hearing test and assessment” that will ensure the Jabra Enhance Plus will be the best option for individual user’s specific hearing enhancement needs. Pricing information hasn’t been announced yet, but the earbuds will be a “medically regulated device” so they will potentially be a hearing loss solution covered through some insurance plans.