While This Discord Group Recreates Australia in Minecraft, We Have 17 Iconic Landmarks for Them To Include

While This Discord Group Recreates Australia in Minecraft, We Have 17 Iconic Landmarks for Them To Include

A group of Minecraft players on Discord is building Australia in a one-to-one ratio recreation of the planet.

Build The Earth is a global initiative by diehard Minecraft fans to build the planet one block city and country at a time. As they explain on their website: “One block in Minecraft equates roughly to one metre in the real world, meaning that this project will fully recreate the size of our planet.”

It’s a pretty impressive project with an extensive network and logistical framework. Each country (and in some cases city) has its own build team, and they’re made up of local players that help make each recreated environment feel the most life-like and real.

Looking at their map, they’ve already done all of Europe and are starting to make their way Down Under. According to a recent TikTok, they’ve already started on major landmarks like Sydney Opera House and the main streets of Melbourne.


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But that’s not what we locals really care about. All the TikTok comments on that video are asking for Mount Druitt content. Now that’s what I call representation.

So, because we know what the people want, here are 17 exclusively and aggressively Aussie landmarks Build The Earth needs to put on their construction plan ASAP.

17 Actually Aussie Landmarks That Need To Be Built In Minecraft

Mount Druitt Station, NSW

mt druitt train station
Source: Briggs Jourdan (Google Maps)

Mount Druitt as a suburb is the pinnacle of Western Sydney and arguably the heart of the entire Greater Sydney area. But, nothing hits as hard as the Mount Druitt train station. It’s an icon of the Western Line, and a landmark for anyone who grew up out there.

The actual lighthouse from Round The Twist, VIC

Round The Twist lighthouse
Source: Great Ocean Road Tours

If we’re talking aggressively Aussie landmarks, we have to include Split Point Lighthouse, AKA the actual lighthouse from the beloved and weird Aussie classic, Round The Twist. The real-life lighthouse tower is based in the small Victorian town of Aireys Inlet and is 34 metres tall.

Bar Totti’s, NSW

Source: Bar Totti’s

Bondi icon Bar Totti’s is home to Sydney’s social media-savvy socialites. It’s where everyone goes for a delicious burrata and sips some rose under their sun umbrellas. It’s a must.

Questacon, ACT

questacon slide
Source: Questacon

When you think of iconic locations from your childhood, you can’t not think of Questacon in Canberra. The science museum turned semi-amusement park is not only an absolute joy but educational, too. Can easily see my block self in a cart sliding down the iconically 6.7m-high Free Fall.

Pink Lakes, WA

pink lakes
Source: Getty / ullstein bild

The shimmering saltwater pink lakes of Western Australia are not only some nice natural variety in this list but would also look stunning from above.

Camperdown Memorial Park, NSW

camperdown memorial park
Source: Getty / Mark Kolbe

Now, this one’s personal. Growing up in Sydney’s Inner West, Camperdown Memorial Park and its laid-back, allegedly high local residents was the best place for chill catch-ups with friends and dog watching. So, it very well could be a nice place to digitally put my blocky feet up and unwind in-game, too.

The Big Potato, NSW

Source: Danny Kwon (Google Maps)

It’s a big potato. In rural NSW. Need I say more?

The Big Banana, NSW

big banana
Source: Getty

It’s a big banana. In regional NSW. Again, what part of this do you not understand?

Rundle Malls Balls, SA

Rundle Malls Balls
source: TripAdvisor

Speaking of Australian landmarks that are heavy, how about the pair of giant metal balls near Rundle Mall in Adelaide? Struggling to wonder how this would work since they’re round and Minecraft is square and blocky, but if Build The Earth can meet this challenge, I’ll be mighty impressed.

The old Darling Harbour monorail, NSW

sydney monorail

Do you miss getting the Sydney monorail? Well, I don’t but I miss seeing it around. In the 1990s to 2000s, it was a staple of the Sydney CBD. Bring it back (in-game).

Side note: If you want to revisit the golden days of Sydney’s shitty-rail service, I encourage you to watch the first few minutes of Mario Andreaccio’s Napoleon.

Umpherston Sinkhole, SA

Umpherston Sinkhole
Source: G B (Google Maps)

The Umpherston Sinkhole is a natural-made hole in the Earth that has become a tourist attraction. It’s like if someone made a Dark Souls boss fight level from background art in a Studio Ghibli film.

Jamberoo Action Park, NSW

Jamberoo Action Park
Source: Hugo Minnett (Google Maps)

Minecraft is a game about creating whatever you want and with no limits. Like Jamberoo Recreation Park, you could say that it’s “where you control the action”. No, I’m not sorry for making that joke.


sega world

Give me nostalgia. Give me unadulterated pure joy. Give me Sega World.

The old Big Brother house at Dreamworld, QLD

Source: MuiTube/YouTube

The abandoned remains of the original pink-walled Art Deco Big Brother house in the former Dreamworld Studios are cursed. Yet, like the witches in Hocus Pocus, its haunted walls and spooky reality TV ghosts must be reborn. The abandoned, lifeless versions of them, I mean. We’re going for historical accuracy, people!

The Ettamogah Pub, NSW

ettamogah pub
Source: Getty [ullstein bild]
The Ettamogah Pub, which famously began as a cartoon pub before it was built, is part of Aussie pop culture history. Put it bloody in.

Murrah Bridge Bunyip, SA

Source: CatTea4Me

I have no words for this one. The Murrah Bridge Bunyip is a terrifying landmark in South Australia, based on the Mulyawonk from Indigenous Australian storytelling. As the story goes, it feasts on children who swim alone or take too many fish from the ocean.

A statue of it in a grossly brown muddy swamp sits under the Murrah Bridge. Unfortunately, the cursed thing belongs in a Minecraft recreation of the planet.

The Granties Maze, NSW

Granties Maze
Source: Rockyrips

Get lost in the Minecraft version of the iconically “run-down but enjoyable” maze.

Your move, Build The Earth’s Aussie building team.