Craig Kelly Will Run For Clive Palmer’s Party At The Next Election

Craig Kelly Will Run For Clive Palmer’s Party At The Next Election
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COVID conspiracist MP Craig Kelly has today announced he will join Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and will “lead” it at the next federal election.

Kelly, who can’t even have his own Facebook page after getting perma-banned for repeatedly spreading misinformation, was formerly part of the Liberal Party before making the decision to turn independent earlier this year.

In a press conference on Monday morning, Kelly asserted that he’d lead a “fightback,” seemingly hedging his entire campaign on opposing the COVID measures that are put in place to protect Australians.

“With endless authoritarian lockdowns, I no longer recognise the country I grew up in,” Kelly said in a statement.

“And this is all happening on my watch. Someone must lead a fightback. I have therefore decided to accept the offer, to lead the United Australia Party into the next election.”

In news that shouldn’t be a shock considering his stance on COVID-19 thus far, Kelly told reporters he will push an “alternative narrative” about vaccines and lockdowns.

Kelly has previously pushed drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as coronavirus “cures”, despite the fact that they are not TGA approved or recommended.

This election news comes after Kelly has repeatedly teased the move in his Telegram group — which boasts 29,000 subscribers.

“When both the Labor & Liberal Party join hands to promote this insanity, there is no choice left that to fight to put together an alternate option for Australians to vote for,” he wrote, referencing a plan to vaccinate children against COVID-19.

The UAP will run candidates in all 150 seats, with Kelly set to decide the party’s policy direction, while Clive Palmer will act as a party chairman.

The decision to team up with Clive Palmer is particularly interesting considering he previously called him a “menace in the Parliament”.

“You know, it’s good riddance to Clive Palmer,” Kelly told Sky News when Palmer left politics. “He was actually a menace in the Parliament.”

The UAP move comes after Craig Kelly  he would not join another party after leaving the Liberals in February.

“My beliefs are still closely aligned with the Liberal Party,” he said at the time.