A New Text Scam Is Pretending To Be Your COVID Vaccine Passport

A New Text Scam Is Pretending To Be Your COVID Vaccine Passport
Image: Scamwatch

Australians have been targeted by a new phone scam that is disguising itself as a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport, according to the ACCC’s ScamWatch.

The scam is sent as a text message offering potential victims access to a digital vaccine passport, seemingly trying to pass itself off as the government’s official passport (which can only be obtained via MyGov).

“Your digital version of Covid-19 Passport is available,” an example of the text message reads, according to a statement from ScamWatch.

Screenshots of the message show that the texts appear to be from ‘BeCovidSafe’, which gives the messages a sense of authenticity that could result in people falling victim to the scam.

covid vaccine passport scam
Image: ScamWatch

Following multiple reports, ScamWatch issued an official warning on Twitter, urging anyone who receives the message to immediately delete it.

“As COVID19 restrictions start to ease for vaccinated people in some parts of Australia, beware of scams relating to vaccine passports. These can look convincing but are a scam designed to steal your personal info. If you receive a message like this, just delete it!” The tweet read.

As it currently stands, the only way to obtain a copy of your vaccine passport is directly via MyGov, either on mobile, desktop or via the app. From here, you can print the certificate or digitally add it your smart phone wallet. Both Android and iOS software will accept the digital vaccine passport into your wallet.

The news comes as the viral FluBot scam continues to target Australians en masse.

As always, don’t click suspicious links you receive via text or email, and be sure to report any messages that could be a scam to ScamWatch.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to the ACCC for comment and will update this story as more information becomes available.