Clear Your September Because Apple Is Set To Drop A Ton Of New Products

Clear Your September Because Apple Is Set To Drop A Ton Of New Products
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Start saving your pocket money because Apple is slated to unveil a number of exciting new hardware launches next month, according to a new DigiTimes report.

It is no secret that Apple is set to drop a number of new products including the highly-anticipated iPhone 13, a brand new Apple Watch, upgraded AirPods, a number of new MacBooks and a stack of iPads. But until now, we’ve been unsure as to when exactly we can expect the products to be announced.

The new report, which cited supply chain sources, claims every single one of these products will drop in the month of September. Now I’m no expert but by my calculations that’s NEXT MONTH!

According to the report, the products will be announced at a couple of different events, which are expected to be live streamed online because, you know, the pandemic.

While it’s strange for Apple to drop products at multiple events in the same month, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities, especially considering all events are pre-recorded with no live, in-person guests.

Realistically speaking, it wouldn’t be hard for Apple to spread out the launches over multiple days to maximise how much we’re screaming about new products next month.

Last year’s release schedule quickly became a hot, hot mess as a result of the pandemic that wreaked havoc on everything we knew and loved, so perhaps Apple will just drop everything in one month to catch back up.

Not to mention Apple could capitalise on the start of the US school year if it decides to drop everything in September.

However, it’s also worth noting that DigiTimes doesn’t always get these leaks right, so we must take everything with a giant grain of salt until Apple reveals a date (or perhaps multiple dates) for its upcoming events.