You Can Attach Your AirPods To Your MacBook But Probably Shouldn’t

You Can Attach Your AirPods To Your MacBook But Probably Shouldn’t
Image: Instagram @applereport_

A now-viral video has revealed that your Apple AirPods will stick to the top right-hand corner of your MacBook screen and honestly, are people only now discovering that their MacBooks are magnetic?!

In a video shared to Instagram, Apple Report suggested you should “stop losing your AirPods”.

“Your Mac has a magnet in the upper right-hand corner that your AirPods will attach to,” the video declared.

It’s hardly news that your MacBook and AirPods are both magnetic, but if you thought that would stop the video from going viral, think again.

The video has quickly amassed more than two million views in two weeks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should listen to this advice.

It’s no secret that your MacBook is fitted with magnets. Some are used as a sensor to put your device to sleep when you close the lid, while others are used to keep your laptop closed without the use of physical clips.

Meanwhile, your AirPods are fitted with magnets to keep them in their case while charging.

This isn’t new, and these magnets certainly aren’t designed to be a way to store your AirPods on your MacBook screen.

While magnets can be damaging to your devices, the risk is relatively low considering your AirPods aren’t fitted with industrial-strength magnets. However, it’s not recommended and there is always a chance you could cause damage to either device by doing this.

Not to mention, if you forget your AirPods are attached to the screen and try to close your MacBook, you could potentially break both devices, which would result in an expensive trip to the Apple store.

Although the risk factor is minimal, you’re definitely better off just remembering to put your AirPods back in the case when you’re not using them.