Yes, CommBank Has Been Down Again [Update]

Yes, CommBank Has Been Down Again [Update]
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If you’re a Commonwealth Bank customer experiencing issues right now, it’s not just you.

CommBank services are down today — the third outage over the past few weeks. The problem seems to be impacting some online services as well as some people’s ability to pay for goods and services.

Some customers have taken to social media about the issues, with some stating they can’t pay bills or for food.

“It is embarrassing when you’re trying to pay for something at the shops and you know you have money in your account and you can’t pay for it it’s so frustrating maybe CommBank should notify their customers when there is an outage like this so we are not embarrassed,” one user tweeted.

“Cant even call @CommBank seriously I’m trying to buy grocery’s and medicine right now and can’t. This is ridiculously inconveniencing,” said another user.

However, the issues don’t seem to be impacting all customers. Some have tweeted that their services are working. Gizmodo Australia tested the CommBank and found it to be accessible at the present time.

“We’re aware some of you are experiencing difficulties accessing our services and we’re urgently investigating. We apologise and thanks for your patience, we’ll provide an update soon,” CommBank said on Twitter.

This is similar to the statement provided to Gizmodo Australia when questioned about the the three recent outages and the cause.

“We’re aware some customers are experiencing difficulties accessing our services and we’re urgently investigating. We apologise and thank customers for their patience, we’ll provide an update soon as possible,” a CommBank spokesperson said in an email.

According to Down Detector, problems with CommBank began at around 11am on Tuesday, with issues spiking just before 12pm.

Back in June several major Australian banks were hit with outages due to issues with their CDN service provider, Akamai. The company specialises in content delivery in cyber security, and its issues also extended to problems with major airlines and post offices at the time.

Just one week later CommBank terminals and other services experienced another outage. Several customers received $50 apology deposit from CommBank due to this specific outage.

It is currently unclear what is causing the current issue for CommBank or when it will be resolved. CommBank did not answer our questions in regards to these points.

Update 2:00pm AEST

While CommBank has now said that its services are beginning to return to normal, some customers may still experience issues.

“Our services are beginning to return to normal however some customers may be experiencing a delay with payment transfers. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience,” CommBank said on Twitter.

“We will continue to closely monitor our systems. Please contact us if you continue to experience any issues. If you are continuing to experience issues logging on to the app, please close the app and try again.”

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