This Stadium Super Trucks Fight Has More Layers Than You Think

This Stadium Super Trucks Fight Has More Layers Than You Think

This weekend, Robby Gordon’s excellent Stadium Super Trucks racing series put on one hell of a show at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in support of IndyCar — including an extended post-race fistfight between drivers Bo LeMastus and Bill Hynes. But even more interesting than this kerfuffle are the drivers’ off-track actions.

We’ll start with the fight first, because it is, in all honesty, kind of hilarious. As the race wrapped up, Hynes turned LeMastus’ truck to confront him about the way LeMastus was racing Max Gordon; Hynes claimed that LeMastus almost pushed Gordon off a ramp and dangerously impeded his passing attempts, The Checkered Flag reported.

The post-race confrontation turned physical. The two drivers shoved at each other. LeMastus pulled off his helmet and tossed his steering wheel at Hynes like a Frisbee. Hynes spiked LeMastus’ helmet into the ground. It was a whole thing, and it lasted for… far too long.

For his own part, series founder Robby Gordon just pulled his truck over and watched the fight play out on the big screen. You, too, can watch the fight below:

But that’s not even the half of what goes on for these fellas post-race.

We’ll kick off with Bo LeMastus’ Facebook page, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a Facebook page. He’s one of the folks who still firmly believes in the eventual ascendance of Donald Trump back to his rightful place as President of the United States, which LeMastus proudly shares. He even promotes those goofy oil paintings of Trump dressed up like some 19th century general.

He’s also been highly critical of the Superstar Racing Experience, Tony Stewart’s stock car championship designed for legends of the sport to have a little fun.

That’s all well and good. The man has opinions, and he likes to share them. That’s a hell of a lot worse than Bill Hynes.

Hynes, the founder of United Fibre & Data, enjoys a little Stadium Super Truck racing on the side. He also recently faced a series of felony charges of burglary, trespassing, forgery, and more. And to make things worse, he was accused of stalking a former employee, taking out a fraudulent second mortgage on her home without her consent, and violating a temporary protection-from-abuse order that she had brought against him, the York Daily Record reports. For some time, the prosecution wanted to bring other examples of domestic abuse before the court to show that Hynes was acting with a common pattern.

So, yeah. I’d say the fight is the least of these fellas’ concerns.