This App Can Apparently Test Your Phone’s Water Resistance

This App Can Apparently Test Your Phone’s Water Resistance
I'm a monster. Image: Tegan Jones

As a reviewer, I find myself testing the water resistance of phones quite regularly. I do this by casually throwing it into a jug of water. But apparently this app can test it for you.

It’s literally Called Water Resistance Tester and, surprise, it tests the water resistance of your phone.

According to the developer, Ray W, the app uses the barometric pressure sensor in a phone to determine how reliable its seals are. And it should be compatible with any phone with an IP rating.

“I’ve put together an app that lets you test your phone’s IP67/IP68 water resistance seals without dunking it in water,” Ray W said on Reddit.

Screenshot from the app

Here’s how its done:

The app will ask you to press down on two points on the screen of your phone — it will the measure the pressure differences to determine whether the seals are still in good working order.

It’s quite a cool app invention, particularly when it comes to potential IP rating degradation.

“This will both help people have confidence in their phones’ water resistance capabilities while also giving a way for people to hold manufacturers and repair shops accountable,” Ray W said.

The Reddit thread that Ray W posted to includes demo videos, as well as some testimonials. You can also watch one of the demo videos here:

Water Resistance Tester is free over on the Play Store. It is not currently available on iOS.