The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Is a Look Back Before the Commonweath

The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Is a Look Back Before the Commonweath
Yumiko wearing Commonwealth armour. (Screenshot: AMC)

In The Walking Dead’s 10th season, the series’ core cast of survivors made their first contact with some of the humans still thriving within the Commonwealth. It’s a mysterious settlement that exists in Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s comics series, and a major location for lead character Rick Grimes.

The new trailer for The Walking Dead’s 11th and final season takes a look back at the series’ humble, apocalyptic beginnings to remind you of just how far the show’s heroes have come in the days since the world fell to the undead, and what was left of humanity essentially descended into chaos. In the comics, the group’s arrival at the Commonweath introduces another ray of hope into their lives because it represents another chance at finally finding a safe place to live away from the constant threat of walkers. But in the trailer’s few brief glimpses of the upcoming season, you can already see how the Commonweath’s tenuous sense of peace is only going to become more tense after the newcomers’ arrivals.

Obviously, the biggest questions looming over The Walking Dead’s 11th season are how Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will finally return to the story, and whether his fate will be similar to his comic counterpart’s. But even if this incarnation ends up biting the bullet during the events of the new season, the larger undead franchise is far from finished, between the upcoming Rick-focused feature film, a Daryl/Carol-centric spinoff series, and a new anthology series separate from the already airing The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead. AMC’s got plenty more stories about people fighting zombies in store for audiences, but the vehicle that kicked this franchise off is coming to a close, and it’ll be interesting to see how (and if) the show sticks the landing.

The Walking Dead’s final season hits AMC on August 22. It’ll likely air on Binge / Foxtel in Australia, but stay tuned for a release date.