Teen Gets Into A Car Then Drives Straight Into A Pool

Teen Gets Into A Car Then Drives Straight Into A Pool

A teen driver in Colorado likely learned a couple of good driving lessons on Thursday after they reversed an Infiniti G37xS into the deep end of a pool. The car may be a little wet, but the driver and their passenger are reported to be safe.

Police in Lakewood, Colorado, responded to a report of a car getting a deep clean at the bottom of a pool on Thursday.

Its driver, a teenager with a learner’s permit, accidentally put the car into reverse and sent it through a fence and into the pool, reports CBS 4 Denver.

Police cited the driver with careless driving but are happy to say that the teen and their adult occupant escaped the vehicle without injury.

Of course, the police couldn’t help themselves and dropped a one liner that I feel so bad for giggling at:

Just FYI, the best line for this is “Check out our new Infiniti Pool”. Everyone else is battling for second place.

The responses on Twitter deliver even worse groaners.

Meanwhile, West Metro Fire Rescue posted a video of the extraction process for the car.

In it, the department shows its divers chaining up the Infiniti’s rear wheels to the winch and boom of a nearby wrecker. The car was then yanked out with the help of 2x4s.

It’s easy to roast the driver for the mistake, but we’ve all done a silly thing or two while learning how to drive, sometimes resulting in a crash. Hopefully, this teen isn’t deterred from getting behind the wheel again and now knows to make sure that they’re in the correct gear. They also likely learned the useful skill of how to escape a sinking car.