Sony Deletes New Ad Featuring An Upside Down PS5

Sony Deletes New Ad Featuring An Upside Down PS5

Let’s face it, the PlayStation 5 is a weird-looking unit. There are multiple different ways you can set up your PS5 and none of them make it look any less strange.

That being said, Sony does have some definitive instructions on how your PS5 should sit or stand. You can either stand it up vertically or lay it down horizontally.

sony ps5 set up
Image: Sony

Given the odd shape of the PlayStation 5, this is more complicated than it looks. So plenty of people have been caught out for having their PS5 “upside down,” including Sony itself.

Upside down PS5 is canon

Sony quickly took down an ad for its PS5 this morning after users on Twitter pointed out the console was set up upside down.

In the screenshot, you can see that the PS5 is laying horizontally with the disc drive sitting at the top, whereas Sony’s instructions would have the disc drive sit at the bottom.

It seems even Sony’s marketing team are confused about the proper configuration of the new PlayStation.

To actually set up a PS5 upside down means you can’t use the provided stand attachment, because it will only hook into your console on the correct side. So not only is the console in this image upside down but it was set up with blatant disregard for the stand.

The ad has since been scrubbed from the internet and hasn’t been replaced. So it seems the upside-down PS5 is not so much canon as it is an awkward mistake.

The makers of this ad aren’t the only ones who have been confused by the orientation of the PlayStation 5. The head of PlayStation Studios, Herman Hulst, once tweeted a video that also showed his PS5 lying upside down.

So, don’t feel bad if your PS5 is the wrong way, not even Sony execs can get it right.

There’s no doubt PS5 is a confusing console but Sony made a point of esablishing which way is the right side up, and it now has to live by those rules.