You Can Buy A Sex Doll Mask On Kogan, If You Want To Look Permanently Surprised And Horny

You Can Buy A Sex Doll Mask On Kogan, If You Want To Look Permanently Surprised And Horny
Image: Kogan

Ahhh, Kogan. A wonderful online haven for all things electronics, home goods and… uhh, sex doll masks?

When I think of Kogan, I think of electronics, mostly. After years of working at JB Hi-Fi, the website is now synonymous to me with customers demanding I price match a ridiculously cheap TV they saw online.

Sure, it also stocks furniture and home goods and even some clothing and accessories. So you can see the trend here, Kogan’s bread and butter is home furnishings and technology, right?

Well, that’s what I thought until last night when I realised I had only scratched the surface of what Kogan has to offer.

During my nightly peruse of Facebook, I saw an ad for Kogan. As expected, it tried to convince me to buy the couch I had been looking at last week, but also suggested a number of other products including what I thought was a blow up sex doll.

Honestly, when I first saw this ad on Facebook, I genuinely thought it was for, which feels like the energy Kogan is trying to channel at the moment.

But if you thought Kogan selling blow up sex dolls was weird (it does sell a pretty extensive range of sex dolls), it gets even weirder because this is actually just a mask.

Yes. This is a mask for a real living, breathing human to mimic the appearance of a sex doll, which is designed to simulate the sensation of having sex with a human.

It remains unclear to me why anyone would have a need for this product, but for the measly price of $39.99, you can be the proud owner of a Sexy Adult Blow Up Doll Mask With Wig.

But if you’re investing in a stylish mask and wig combo, you’re going to need some accessories to jazz up your outfit, right?

Well, you’re in luck because Kogan also offers an extensive variety of spoon necklaces, which are to be used for scooping teaspoons of sugar and definitely not for other white, powdery substances.

kogan spoon necklace
Image: Kogan

Honestly, you’ve gotta hand it to Kogan. Where else can you buy yourself a cheap Dyson vacuum, a fancy Matt Blatt couch and a sex doll mask? Variety is the spice of life and Kogan is stirring the pot with a completely legit teeny, tiny spoon.