PSA: Getting Your iPhone Battery Replaced Is Way Cheaper Than Buying A New Phone

PSA: Getting Your iPhone Battery Replaced Is Way Cheaper Than Buying A New Phone
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When it comes to owning an iPhone, many of us know all too well that the battery is generally the first thing that needs a replacement. So, if you’re barely making it to midday without needing to plug in the lightning cable, should you replace the battery or just buy a whole new device? And how exactly do you go about getting an iPhone battery replacement?

How Long Is An iPhone Battery Meant To Last

Like all other smartphones, iPhones use lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time as a result of the chemical makeup of the battery itself. Unfortunately, this is something we can’t avoid.

According to Apple, the iPhone battery is built to retain 80 per cent of its original capacity after 500 complete recharges.

How To Check Your iPhone Battery Capacity

You can check the maximum charge capacity of your iPhone in the ‘Battery Health’ section of your device settings. You can do this in three easy steps:

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Battery’
  • Select ‘Battery Health’

This shows the maximum charge capacity of your device, which will slowly degrade over time.

Should I Get An iPhone Battery Replacement Or Buy A New Device?

If you own an older device, replacing the battery may not be an option for you. Anything prior to an iPhone 6 cannot be replaced, so if you’re somehow still hanging on to an iPhone 5C, you should probably cut your losses and upgrade.

Additionally, Apple has stopped supporting software updates for the iPhone 6, however – the 6S devices are still supported.

That being said, if you’re still hanging on to an iPhone 7 or 8, it’s probably worth considering if your device is deteriorating in other ways and if its worth a significant upgrade, rather than paying for a new battery only to replace the device a year or so later.

If your device is newer, you could stand to save yourself a small fortune by getting the battery replaced, rather than splashing out on a new device.

How To Get An iPhone Battery Replacement

If you’re looking to get an iPhone battery replacement from Apple, you have two options: go in-store, or mail your device to Apple.

However, you don’t necessarily need to go to an Apple Store, you just need to make sure you’re getting it replaced at an authorised third-party retailer.

For the love of God, do not get your iPhone battery replacement from an unauthorised repairer unless you’re happy to have your warranty void.

If your device is still within warranty or covered under AppleCare, the replacement is free. Alternatively, you can purchase a new battery if you’re not covered.

iPhone battery replacements for models up to and including the 8 Plus will set you back $79, while newer models will cost you $109.