Harley-Davidson’s Second Shot At The LiveWire Comes With A Huge Price Decrease

Harley-Davidson’s Second Shot At The LiveWire Comes With A Huge Price Decrease

The first motorcycle of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire spin-off has been revealed. The LiveWire One is largely unchanged from when it wore the bar and shield. But the electric motorcycle comes with more than just a name change as it comes with a steep decrease in price, too.

How unchanged are we talking? The LiveWire One has up to 146 miles of city range and a DC Fast Charge can get its depleted battery recharged in an hour. This is about as we expected from LiveWire’s filings with NHTSA and the Australian government. What is a bit of a surprise is that even the power output remains the same. According to LiveWire’s site, the new motorcycle even retains 105 HP through its Revelation PM electric motor.

Photo: Harley-Davidson

So, it sounds like the bike hasn’t really changed at all, but that’s fine. The LiveWire’s performance impressed me. Its instant torque is enough to throw you back into a wheelie while it spins the rear wheel. I’ve always felt it to be what an electric Buell would probably be had Harley-Davidson not taken the Buell brand out back and shot it.

What has changed is its price. The LiveWire’s old sticker of $US29,799 ($40,041) priced it out of range for many riders. Our Bradley Brownell suggested dropping the price to about $US22,000 ($29,561) and amazingly, that’s just what LiveWire did. The LiveWire One starts at $US21,999 ($29,560).

Riders can purchase the motorcycle online or at one of the 12 upcoming LiveWire dealers set to pop up in California, New York and Texas. The brand has plans to launch more stores in the fall as well.

The price change puts the LiveWire much closer in price to its competition, so it’ll be interesting to see how that impacts sales.