The Government Wants to Develop a My Health Record App, Because COVIDSafe Went So Well

The Government Wants to Develop a My Health Record App, Because COVIDSafe Went So Well

The Australian government is moving forward on the development of a digital app for My Health Record. If you’re ever heard of the COVIDSafe app, you can probably guess how this might go.

My Health Record has picked up its fair share of controversy over the years. The system centralises all patient health data into one place, which is accessible by the individual and health practitioners.

It’s been the subject of numerous privacy concerns, which have only been bolstered by the multiple data breach attempts in recent years. And now we have a new app to add to the mix.

A My Health Record App is on the way

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has revealed the first phase of its plan to modernise the national digital health infrastructure.

The agency recently awarded a contract to Deloitte to produce the Health Information Gateway, which is described as “a pivotal piece of national digital health enabling technology that provides a secure and scalable platform for exchanging and accessing health information, including priority areas such as vaccinations and aged care data.”

Following this announcement ADHA posted a tender for the provision of  “Health Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway Services”, with a contract value of almost $18 million.

According to IT News, it seems the My Health Record app will require authentication through a user’s myGov account and can then be accessed via a password, pin code or biometrics, like FaceID.

The federal government recently put $300 million towards My Health Record in the 2021 federal budget, to help upgrade the platform.

Part of this cash injection was fuelled by the need for accessible and efficient COVID-19 services. This includes giving users easier access to COVID-19 test results and vaccination records.

Currently, individuals can only access their My Health Record through Australia’s myGov services. There is the option to view a record through a linked third-party app, such as Healthi or HealthNow, but a native app will presumably streamline that process.

The federal government hasn’t exactly had the smoothest history with technology, so we can only hope they’ve learned from their mistakes this time.