The Government Is Funding 403 New EV Fast Chargers

The Government Is Funding 403 New EV Fast Chargers
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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $24.55 million in funding to expand Australia’s fast charging network as part of the government’s Future Fuels Fund.

The new deal will see a whopping 403 public fast charging stations developed across Australia in what can only be described as a huge win for the future of the Australian electric vehicle market.

“As the costs of electric vehicles come down, more consumers and fleet users are looking to go electric. Expanding the fast charging network will make it easier than ever to drive an EV in Australia,” ARENA CEO Darren Miller said in a statement.

“The proposals we received were of such high quality, we were compelled to increase the funding. We’re delighted to be able to support more than 400 charging stations across the country.”

As part of the deal, 5 electric charging network providers have been supplied with funding. The $24.55 million will be split as follows:

  • Evie Networks (Fast Cities Australia Pty Ltd): $8.85 million to build 158 public fast charging stations across eight regions.
  • Ampol (Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd): $7.05 million to build 121 public fast charging stations in four regions.
  • Engie (IPAH Client Solutions Australia Pty Ltd): $6.85 million to build 103 public fast charging stations in four regions.
  • Chargefox: $1.4 million to build 16 public fast charging stations in two different regions.
  • Electric Highways Tasmania: $400,000 to build 5 public fast charging stations in the state.

Each individual charging station will be able to charge at least two vehicles at a time at a minimum of 50kW.

The stations will be built in 14 of Australia’s most inhabited cities. All capital cities will be equipped with the new charging stations, as well as major regional cities like Newcastle, Geelong, Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast in an attempt to increase the uptake of EVs in regional centres.

Specific locations of the fast chargers are yet to be announced.

In total, $71.9 million will be spent as part of the Australian Government’s Future Fuels Fund – which was announced as part of the 2020-21 federal budget to increase the uptake of more sustainable vehicles in Australia.

The news comes after both New South Wales and Victoria have announced rebate incentives to encourage EV uptake across the states. However, it’s also worth noting that Victoria has introduced a hefty tax that has been widely criticised for doing, well, the complete opposite.

Australia is far from being a leader when it comes to EV policy, but the introduction of an additional 400+ public fast chargers across the country will hopefully do wonders for those Australians who are yet to purchase an EV as a result of range anxiety.

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