Keep an Extra Eye On the Road with These Dash Cam Deals

Keep an Extra Eye On the Road with These Dash Cam Deals
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A dash cam can be a pretty good investment. You might consider yourself a pretty careful driver who doesn’t need a dash cam, but you know how that old saying goes – it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

You might be able to capture some weird roadside hi-jinx on camera, or you’ll have a nice, crisp video of some dickhead driver backing their car into yours.

If you don’t already own a dash cam, or the one you’re currently using is getting a bit long in the tooth, here are some of the best dash cam deals currently available in Australia.

The best dash cam deals currently available

As far as dash cams go the Vantrue N2 Pro High End Cam is a solid option. Especially at its currently discounted price of $269.99, which is a decent $50 off the RRP ($319.99).

The Garmin 66W can record high-quality video at 2.5K 2560 x 1440p @ 30fps, or 1920 x 1080p @ 60fps, with a 170-degree field-of-view. The Vantrue N2 Pro also has a secondary camera that can record the inside of your vehicle, along with a built-in microphone.

This Vantrue dash cam uses a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor and four infrared LEDs to help maintain detail in low-light situations. Both will also automatically begin recording if the camera’s G-sensor detects any sudden shakes or collisions.

If you’re looking to cover both the front and back, the Vantrue N4 three-way cam set will give you a separate camera to record from either end of your vehicle, while also recording the internal cabin.

This camera set is currently on sale for $339.99, down from $379.99, making it one of the more expensive than some of the other deals that are currently available, but understandably so when you factor in that it includes two cameras.

The front camera of the Vantrue N4 has a FOV of 155-degrees, while the rear camera has a wider 160-degrees. The front camera can record up to 4K when used alone, or 1920 x 1080p when simultaneously using both cameras.

There’s also the Vantrue N1 Pro Full HD mini cam, which is a solid budget option if you’re looking to get a dash cam under $100. It’s currently on sale for $89.99 instead of the usual $109.99. This cam also has a wide FOV of 160-degrees and can record 1080p HD video.

The N1 Pro will also record seamless 24-hour loops that overwrite older footage, and will lock lock recordings if the camera automatically detects a sudden shake or collision.

Here are a few more dash cam discounts that are currently available:

Don’t forget to buy a microSD

dash cam
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If this is your first time buying a dash cam, you’ll need a microSD to actually record footage. If you’re already sorted for a cam, it also doesn’t hurt to have a spare microSD on hand for a quick swap over if the one you’re using becomes full. Most cameras won’t work without a minimum 8GB microSD.

SanDisk’s High Endurance 128GB microSD is a reliable card, and currently on sale for $26.50, down from $59. SanDisk’s High Endurance range has proven itself to be a go-to card for dash cams. With this card, you can record up to 10,000 hours of video in Full HD, with a read/write speed of 100MB/s and 40MB/s, respectively.

As for other accessories, having an extra mini USB cable can’t hurt.