Gaze Upon These Cursed Furbies And Fear The God That Created Them

Gaze Upon These Cursed Furbies And Fear The God That Created Them
Image: cursed.kirby.images

Furbies were a staple of childhood in the 90s. If you didn’t have one, your mate down the street did, or that one weird kid at school.

With their animatronic, unblinking eyes and thousand yard stare, they were already positively demonic, but now it seems there’s a weird sect of the internet determined to use these extremely cursed dolls to summon satan for real. Welcome to the hell that is the cursed customised Furby internet.

Furbies were first manufactured by Tiger Electronics in the late 90s, but have since become an icon of generation that grew up on the internet. As a symbol of nostalgia and innocence, Furbies have become a target for the rabid meme machines of Reddit and Instagram, morphing into dark mirrors of their past selves.

The Furbys of 2019 are deeply and unavoidably horrifying, and there are multiple accounts leading the charge of this Furby body horror nightmare.

cursed.furby.images is an instagram solely dedicated to pictures of these haunted Furbies, transformed as they are by the whims of man. Like some truly horrifying Frankenstein projects, these Furbies scream for the sweet release of death as they gaze out from their gangly bodies. These creations were never meant to be seen by our eyes.

You get the point. These creations have no reason for living, and yet. And yet. There’s even a whole Reddit community dedicated to the so-called “Long Furbies”, snake-like creatures that resemble Satan himself. There’s now more than 6,000 people sharing these cursed images amongst themselves and working on their own inventions.

Say hello to Treblebaps’ “Babs”.

Babs is going into his second surgery, pray for him from r/LongFurbies

Or this lovely fellow.

He is enjoying his new spine. from r/LongFurbies

“He is enjoying his new spine.” OK.

This unfortunate soul, known as Lord Beebis Pudge-Kale Tooth is “soon to be lengthened”, claims user poppiper ” a destiny that’s frightening and unenviable. I think I want to hug my mother.

To say that this was the tip of the iceberg would be an understatement. The cursed Furby hole only gets deeper from here, and there is so much more out there. So much more. If you’re unafraid of the deeply disturbed waters, venture forth and know that the seas only get rougher from here.

This article was originally published 25/10/19.