Celebrate Ultraman Day With These Gorgeous, Giant-Sized Posters

Celebrate Ultraman Day With These Gorgeous, Giant-Sized Posters
Get ready to celebrate Ultraman's birthday in style. (Image: Tom Whalen/Nakatomi)

On July 10, tokusatsu fans across the world will mark 55 years since the debut of Japan’s game-changing, giant-sized superhero: the ultimate warrior of light, Ultraman! Along with the arrival of the latest hero in the franchise in the new series, Ultraman Trigger, it’s a day to celebrate one of Japan’s most influential superheroes — and we’ve got the word on some gorgeous tribute art to mark the occasion.

Gizmodo’s excited to give you an exclusive first look at two new prints from Nakatomi celebrating classic Ultraman. The first is a familar piece of art, available as a print for the first time: comics superstar Alex Ross’ gorgeous cover for Ultraman’s first Marvel Comic series, The Rise of Ultraman, depicting the transformed Shin Hayata as he towers over a watching crowd. It’ll be available in an 18×24″ sized print with a run of 250 prints that will cost $US60 ($77), or appropriate for the size-changing hero, an ‘ultra-sized’ 24×36″ print. There’ll be just 66 copies of this edition — referencing the year Ultraman premiered, 1966, and it’ll cost $US150 ($192).

Image: Alex Ross/Nakatomi Image: Alex Ross/Nakatomi

For something entirely new though, beloved poster artist Tom Whalen has designed a new Ultraman tribute that celebrates both Ultraman himself, Shin and his human allies in the SSSP, and some of his most iconic Kaiju foes, including the Alien Baltan, Gomora, Red King, Dada, and, of course, Pigmon. Who doesn’t love Pigmon?

Image: Tom Whalen/Nakatomi Image: Tom Whalen/Nakatomi

Whalen’s 20×30″ print is available for $US50 ($64) as a timed edition run, meaning you don’t have to worry about it going out of stock if you order between the start of sale — July 11, at 5 a.m. AEST — before the edition closes on July 14 at 1 p.m. AEST. But if you want it even fancier, there’s also a limited 66 print that’s embossed on silver foil that will cost $US100 ($128).

Interested in celebrating Ultraman’s big birthday with this gorgeous art? Both prints will launch on the Nakatomi store at 5 a.m. AEST on Saturday, July 11.