Jabra’s Elite 75t Earbuds Are 30% Off Right Now So You Can Block Out the Noise

Jabra’s Elite 75t Earbuds Are 30% Off Right Now So You Can Block Out the Noise
Image: Jabra
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If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll know that the Jabra Elite Active 75t come highly recommended. In Gizmodo’s roundup of the best wireless headphones, these Jabra earbuds were our pick for the best truly wireless earbuds.

These Jabra earbuds are currently on sale for $148, which is a tidy 32% off its usual retail price of $219.

In Gizmodo’s review of the Jabra Elite 75t, we praised how great these earbuds sound for the price they’re available for, and how easy it is to use.

These earbuds come with an active noise cancellation feature, which is handy if your current work environment is a bit on the loud side. It also has a hear-through feature, which is great if you’re out and about but don’t want to do the awkward shuffle of pulling your earbuds out when ordering a coffee.

The Jabra 75t also have an excellent battery life, with up to 5.5 hours available when using ANC, with an additional 18.5 hours from the charging case.

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Jabra Elite Active 75t – now $148, down from $219.

There are few things that are better than listening to your favourite music on a pair of high-quality headphones. Being able to drown out your loud neighbours or housemates with a solid pair of noise-cancelling earbuds goes down a treat too.

If these are your two main criteria when picking out a new pair of earbuds, then the Jabra Elite 75t deliver on both fronts. A nice $148 discount on top doesn’t hurt, either.

You can grab the Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds here.

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