American Horror Stories’ Cast (So Far) Looks Appropriately Wild

American Horror Stories’ Cast (So Far) Looks Appropriately Wild
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American Horror Story’s tenth season, Double Feature, arrives August 25, but there’s a little(r) something coming sooner that should more than tide fans over: American Horror Stories, a spin-off series of the Ryan Murphy juggernaut. While we already knew the series, which Murphy described in May 2020 as “one hour contained episodes,” was on the horizon, the show shared a trailer today confirming some of the cast, as well as some very intriguing character names.

They rip by pretty fast, but the standouts are American Horror Story vets like Matt Bomer, John Carrol Lynch, Naomi Grossman, and Billie Lourd — playing characters whose names don’t mean much out of context — and then Amy Grabow as former Second Lady (and, as every kid who longed to listen to heavy metal or hip hop in the 1980s will never forget, notorious “parental advisory” crusader) Tipper Gore, as well as Danny “Machete” Trejo as… Santa. There’s also some stunt casting that was already reported (Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, and Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford) and a few other notable names, like Joel McHale, among a sea of up-and-comers.

The Tweet’s note that “this isn’t even the half of it” suggests there’ll be more to come, but whether or not American Horror Stories spills the beans ahead of time is something only the social media gods can answer at the moment. At any rate, the series — rumoured to be composed of “standalone ghost stories” — will be here on July 15.

Danny Trejo as Santa is unexpectedly perfect casting, kind of a Christmas in July gift to us all.

American Horror Stories will air on Binge in Australia with episodes beginning on July 16.