We Asked Sophia Di Martino About Cross-Dimensional Bisexuality In Loki

We Asked Sophia Di Martino About Cross-Dimensional Bisexuality In Loki
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Sophia Di Martino has blown the multiverse – and our minds – wide open with her performance in Loki.

Surprise, she’s not Lady Loki

Sure, the internet has taken to calling her Lady Loki. After all, when Tom Hiddleston encounters her (possibly on his way to being reformed) she’s draped in the god of mischief’s green and black finery.

But then just two weeks ago we discovered that foreign language credits for episode two revealed that she actually playing a character named Sylvie.

With that revelation in mind, surely there is more to her than meets the eye?

I caught up with Sophia and asked her the pressing questions: is Sylvie good, or evil?

Does Loki’s cross-dimensional bisexuality have deeper implications?

And what is it like going from a regular actor to one who swings around kicking people’s faces in?

You can find out right here:


How is the show so far?

Loki is, frankly, the magical bastard lovechild of The Prisoner, Fahrenheit 451 and Doctor Who.

The ungodly weaving of Formica tabletops, shag carpet and impeccable tailoring only serves to offset the wonderful writing and brilliant performances.

Hiddleston has been killing it week by week – Loki has never been this much fun to watch. But his banter with his friend/handler Mobius (Owen Wilson) makes the show a standout viewing experience.

The addition of Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, however, has been yet another unexpected surprise. She’s a strong addition to what I think is the best of the new Marvel shows.

There, I said it. Loki is the real deal. Only time will tell who – or what – Sylvie turns out to be in the end, but if she’s as delightful as Sophia was to talk to in person, we’re all in for a treat.

You can catch up on Loki and the rest of the MCU right now on Disney+.