Warhammer+ Is Already the Best Streaming Service, Because None of the Other Pluses Come With a Free Orc

Warhammer+ Is Already the Best Streaming Service, Because None of the Other Pluses Come With a Free Orc
He just wants to axe you a question. (Screenshot: Games Workshop)

It’s a big plus, you might say.

Games Workshop, the tabletop maestro that’s been slowly building up plans to turn its venerable Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar properties into transmedia behemoths in recent years, revealed that it too was getting into the oddly large, yet oddly specific “Only Streaming Content Subscription Service Named Something+” a few months ago, to perhaps rightful scepticism. What could the game company possibly offer to sustain a service like that, when its dreams of new animated and potentially live-action projects were still significantly far off?

Now, we have an answer, and it turns out the company actually has quite a bit for Warhammer fans, especially those sucked into the ecosystem already.

Revealed as part of a recent livestream, Warhammer+ will debut in select regions this winter for $US6 ($8)-a-month, $US60 ($77)-a-year subscription, tying together various previously established digital systems for Games Workshop’s titles — specifically the paid versions of the Warhammer 40K and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar apps, giving players updated access to digital copies of rules, faction-specific supplements, and army list builders — as well as access to digital copies of the company’s monthly magazine White Dwarf and Warhammer fiction from the Black Library imprint.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for news of the service’s local Australian release.

On top of this, Warhammer+ will feature original content from the company, both in the form of new shorts like lore explainer series, battle reports of recording tabletop games, and painting guides, as well as previously teased animated series like Space Marine horror Angels of Death, anthology series Hammer and Bolter, or Astartes II, a sequel to the viral fan-made sensation by Syama Pederson, who has been brought in-house to work on the followup.

There will also be physical bonuses to subscribing, which makes sense given Games Workshop’s primary focus is selling you lots of very pretty, very physical models. As well as premium access to the company’s events like the annual Warhammer Fest (when those are, of course, allowed to happen in-person again), subscribers will be able to choose one of two exclusive miniatures for free as part of their subscription, with the opportunity to purchase the other. Warhammer 40K fans can get an Imperial Vindicare Assassin, perched in a ruined Sister of Battle statue taking a shot with their rifle:

Image: Games Workshop Image: Games Workshop

While Age of Sigmar fans can opt for an Orruk (read: Orc, but in a way that’s much easier for Games Workshop to trademark) Megaboss:

Image: Games Workshop Image: Games Workshop

Both are very cool and quite dynamic, but there’s nothing like a big, armoured orc with an eyepatch, brandishing the head of his foe in one hand and an axe the size of multiple torsoes in the other. Who needs access to Baby Yoda when you can get that?

Warhammer+ is set to launch in the UK and multiple international markets starting August 25.