The Annette Trailer Takes Adam Driver on a Surreal Journey Into Fatherhood

The Annette Trailer Takes Adam Driver on a Surreal Journey Into Fatherhood
A crop of the poster for Annette. (Image: Amazon Studios)

One of the world’s most perfect couples has a daughter who may outshine them both — and they sing through it. That’s the idea behind the first trailer for Adam Driver’s Annette, a strange and surreal new film from the director of Holy Motors.

Amazon Studios has released the first trailer for Annette. The film stars Driver as Henry, a stand-up comedian who starts a relationship with an opera singer named Ann, played by The Dark Knight Rises’ Marion Cotillard. The two of them become one of LA’s hottest couples — and the spotlight only grows brighter after the birth of their baby, Annette, who’s described in the synopsis as “a mysterious little girl with an exceptional destiny.” Annette challenges Henry and Ann’s relationship with each other and the world around them.

You can watch the trailer below, which looks delightfully bizarre — and features Driver and Cotillard holding their baby in a way I would call “questionable.”

This isn’t the first time Driver has stretched his pipes on camera. In 2019’s Marriage Story, he notably sang a rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s “Being Alive” from the Broadway play Company. But this is a whole new ball game for the Star Wars actor, doing an entire musical. It features a story and music from brothers Ron and Russell Mael of cult-beloved band Sparks, who also appear in the film from the looks of this trailer (and who happen to be the subject of a new documentary that’s in theatres now, directed by Edgar Wright).

Annette is directed by Leos Carax, the French filmmaker who received international acclaim for his 2012 “fantasy action” film Holy Motors. That movie starred long-standing Carax collaborator Denis Lavant as Mr. Oscar, an actor who spends the film embodying a series of roles that, in the world of the movie, no one is actually filming or watching. It was strange and surreal, to say the least, and Annette looks to be continuing the tradition. Carax is also known for taking his time between film projects, and Annette is his first feature-length film since Holy Motors.

Annette debuts in select theatres on August 6, and hits Amazon Prime on August 20.