Stargirl’s Season 2 Trailer Reveals Its Very Own Green Lantern

Stargirl’s Season 2 Trailer Reveals Its Very Own Green Lantern
Ysa Penarejo is Jade, daughter of Green Lantern Alan Scott, on season two of Stargirl. (Photo: The CW)

In brightest day, in blackest night, no new Stargirl cast member shall escape our sight. Season two is coming to the CW on August 10 and the new trailer reveals a whole new level of cosmic power hitting the scene in Blue Valley.

Actress Ysa Penarejo is joining Stargirl as Jade, who just happens to be the daughter of Alan Scott, a Green Lantern who’ll be part of the currently in development Green Lantern show for HBO Max. Will those two shows cross over? We don’t know yet, but her inclusion is certainly exciting and intriguing. The news was broken by Entertainment Weekly, which also debuted the season two trailer for the show. It shows Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) frustrated that her fellow Justice Society of America members think their job is done after their big showdown with the Injustice Society of America. Don’t they realise new threats like Shade and Eclipso are coming??

Even if there wasn’t a freaking Green Lantern in it, this is a solid-looking trailer. We get plenty of Stargirl and her parents (Luke Wilson and Amy Smart) discussing her issues balancing heroism and teenage life. And just when you thought the Justice Society of America was coming together to be the superhero team they could be, it looks like they’re no more. That’s probably a bad thing since season two is introducing new villains such as Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) and the Shade (Jonathan Cake). But there is some good news — that brief purple flash was indeed Thunderbolt (played by comedian Jim Gaffigan) joining the fun with Jakeem Thunder (Alkoya Brunson). If the JSA is done, Stargirl should have a few new options to help face these threats.

We here at Gizmodo had mixed feelings on the first season of Stargirl. We applauded its seemingly more down-to-earth, family-friendly take on the superhero genre. But also, it had a pretty huge disregard for human life and got super duper weird in the end. This trailer looks like not much has changed except that everything is getting a bit bigger and bolder. Especially when you start flirting with characters who wear rings that give them unlimited power to fly around the galaxy and police space. We’re curious to see how that goes when Stargirl season two begins on August 10.