Star Trek Advent Calendar Lets You Assimilate the Holidays

Star Trek Advent Calendar Lets You Assimilate the Holidays
Hello, I'd like you to meet 18 of 25. He has a gift for you! (Image: Hero Collector)

Hey. Have you heard about resistance? Word on the street is that it’s futile, so you might as well go ahead and order this fun Star Trek advent calendar from Hero Collector, which is shaped like the iconic Cube ship of the Borgs but contains 24 fun bits of Trek merch instead of violent assimilation.

You might think these are cheap tchotchkes, but no! Gizmodo can exclusively reveal a few of the things that are included according to the service:

  • A coaster set designed on the console screens from the original Star Trek
  • Enterprise-D socks
  • An espresso cup commemorating Zefram Cochrane’s first warp flight in 2063

“Our shift into the festive market has been very exciting, and it’s particularly engaging to launch with this new Star Trek Advent Calendar in the shape of a Borg Cube,” Hero Collector brand manager Chris Thompson said in a statement to Gizmodo. “In line with our philosophy of ‘by fans, for fans’, we’ve created a range of holiday surprises that would get us excited. Personally, I can’t wait to share the experience with fans worldwide as we open each new gift box in the December lead-up to the holiday season.”

Nice stuff…which is presumably why the Borg Advent Calender will run you about $180 when it becomes available this September. However, if you want to ensure your December is properly borg-ified, you can pre-order it here.