Samantha Samsung Is Sending The Internet To Horny Jail

Samantha Samsung Is Sending The Internet To Horny Jail
Image: Lightfarm Studios

What do you get when people are very bored, very horny and desperate for the next big ‘egirl’ star? A stratospheric rise to fame for computer-generated mascot, Samantha Samsung — and a whole bunch of very NSFW art.

Samantha is the creation of design firm Lightfarm, reportedly working in collaboration with Cheil, a marketing agency owned by Samsung. While she’s not an ‘official’ mascot of the tech company, it does appear that was the intention behind her design.

With her cute bob hair cut, button nose and egirl style, it’s not hard to see why she’s become so popular.

It appears she was first spotted by Twitter user @louxtenyaiida, who posted four digital images of Samantha in a now-viral post.

While it’s unclear where these images originated, Twitter user @eventideprayer did uncover an archived page from the Lightfarm website which detailed the creation of the mascot.

According to the page, which has since been taken down, Sam was created in collaboration with Cheil and was designed to be an”aesthetically pleasing” character with “realistic materials” for her hair and clothing.

“The character, which already had a 2D existing version, underwent a complete redesign to return to social networks in a 3D version, much more modern, exciting, and with many more expressions, poses and different textures,” the design brief states.

Names included in the brief correspond to existing Lightfarm employees, lending legitimacy to this page, although it no longer appears on the Lightfarm website.

The reason for Samantha’s erasure is currently unclear, but it could be that the company was unprepared for the tidal wave of thirst that accompanied the character being discovered online.

Since being posted on Tuesday, Samantha has absolutely taken off. She’s become a hit on TikTok and received her own Know Your Meme page. There’s Twitter parody accounts of her, countless fan art images and yes, lots of horny, NSFW and disturbing art.

While Samantha appears to have failed at becoming an official mascot, she’s definitive proof you can fail upwards.

She’s not an official mascot, but that hasn’t stopped thirsty tweets from flooding across the internet. It also hasn’t stopped many claiming they’ll purchase a Samsung phone in the future simply because they want to support Sam (and also for other less pure reasons, which I will not be sharing here).

Even as an alleged failed marketing angle, Samantha is doing wonders for the brand.

It’s safe to say the simps are out in force, and Samantha has them all under her heel.