New Snake Eyes Trailer Makes Cobra a Much Bigger Threat

New Snake Eyes Trailer Makes Cobra a Much Bigger Threat
Snake Eyes suiting up. (Screenshot: Paramount)

One of the most promising things about Paramount’s upcoming Snake Eyes solo film is that it seemed very much like its story would focus mainly on its titular ninja hero, rather than dumping way too much information about the larger G.I. Joe franchise the way the studio’s 2013 The Rise of Cobra did. Though the new trailer definitely has origin-y vibes, the way it teases out Snake Eyes’ confrontation with Cobra makes it seem as if the villainous organisation’s going to be a much more significant presence than we previously knew.

When Henry Golding’s unnamed character — who we meet working as a fishmonger — refuses to kill Tommy (Andrew Koji), the man who will one day become Storm Shadow, he’s pulled into a shadowy, secretive world of professional ninjas who’ve been waging war against evil across the globe for centuries. While becoming part of the Arashikage clan puts Golding’s character on the path to becoming the Snake Eyes, the trailer also makes clear that his journey takes an unexpected turn when Cobra’s Baroness (Úrsula Corberó) steps onto the scene, heralding her organisation’s latest go for world domination.

Because Snake Eyes is meant to tell the story of how its hero become a legendary warrior, it makes sense that the movie would feature some degree of direct connection to the larger G.I. Joe franchise. But the big question now looming over the movie is how much of the plot might feel like overlong foreshadowing for a sequel versus its own solid story.

Either way, the movie seems very committed to giving diehard fans of Snake Eyes and the gang the kind of visual fan service they crave, and it’s going to be interesting to see whether that’s enough to lure audiences into theatres when Snake Eyes premieres in Australian theatres on July 22.