National Product Review Is Looking For A Paid Reviewer To Trial New Tech Products

National Product Review Is Looking For A Paid Reviewer To Trial New Tech Products
Antalya, Turkey - July 3, 2018: Hand holding a smart phone on a wooden desk. The smart phone is an Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. Samsung Galaxy is a touchscreen smart phone produced by Samsung Electronics.

This article is sponsored by National Product Review.

Are you the kind of person your friends run to for opinions on the latest tech? Consider yourself an early adopter? Fancy a paid gig creating content and reviews for new tech products? Say no more.

National Product Review (NPR) is looking for content creators to produce written and video content for the NPR website. It could be for the latest, TVs, cameras, audio or more.

Above all, NPR is looking for honest, in-depth opinions and guidance to help consumers purchase their next product, which is something to keep in mind if you’re keen on throwing your hat into the ring.

For the uninitiated, NPR is an Australian website that features product reviews, buying guides, product comparisons and more. “National Product Review was established to help consumers make a more informed purchasing decision,” the site’s About Us page reads.

“It features a range of product information to assist consumers on the journey from research to purchasing appliances online or in-store.”

To apply, all you have to do is upload a short video of yourself reviewing your favourite product from the following categories: TV, audio, imaging or connected home, and explain why you’re the best person to create content around the latest tech. Between 30 seconds to 1 minute in length is what you should aim for.

Apply for the opportunity to work with NPR as a freelance content creator

To get more of the specifics, you can check out NPR’s job description here and also review the T&Cs in the entry form above. Best of luck to all entrants.