Loki: Is TVA Judge Revonna Renslayer Friend or Foe?

Loki: Is TVA Judge Revonna Renslayer Friend or Foe?
Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Loki (Screenshot: Marvel Entertainment)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is now an official member of the Marvel gang as she stars in Disney+ newest show, Loki as Revonna Renslayer.

Renslayer, is a high-ranking Judge working for the Time Variance Authority (TVA). She flexes her power by sentencing Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to death for his time crimes, but luckily Mobius (Owen Wilson) is there to save the trickster in the nick of time.

The actress sat down with The Hollywood Reporter, giving them a glimpse of her character’s future and the power she wields. “Yeah, she is a judge, and yes, there is no real jury. I don’t know about an executioner, although she does have the power to delete people,” she says.

Raw then gives a little background on the character and how she climbed the corporate ladder to become a judge. “She’s an interesting character in that she’s worked her way up. She wasn’t born into power. She had a military background as a Hunter like [Hunter] B-15 [Wunmi Mosaku]. She’s incredibly ambitious, and she also has direct access to the Time-Keepers now that she’s in this authoritative position.”

Someone with this much power coming in contact with is bound to have some adverse results. “It’s a fun dynamic, obviously, when this judge of law and order comes into contact with this king of chaos in terms of Loki. It’s really the ultimate personality clash.”

In the comics, Renslayer is connected to Kang the Conqueror and crossed paths with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. She’s been a hero and a villain, and Raw explains precisely where her character’s future is headed.

“As a judge, she doesn’t want to compromise the position she’s worked really hard to get to. But when the stakes get high, she has to get out of the office; she has to get out from behind that desk and get into the action as well. So that’s when she has to call upon her military training, and we get to see a whole other side of her. So there’s a lot of secrets. There’s betrayal. There are lots of layers of Renslayer to come.”

This brings up a whole league of questions. Will fans mainly see some surprise characters on the show we don’t know about due to Renslayer’s connections? Guess we’ll have to wait as the season progresses!