Dippin’ Dots CEO Leaked Ex-Girlfriend’s Nude Photos to Her Mum, Lawsuit Claims

Dippin’ Dots CEO Leaked Ex-Girlfriend’s Nude Photos to Her Mum, Lawsuit Claims
Photo: Brian Ach, Getty Images

An ex-girlfriend of Dippin’ Dots’ CEO says the head of the frozen treat brand has spent the past year blackmailing and harassing her, according to a lawsuit filed in Oklahoma earlier this month.

In the suit, a woman named Amanda Brown alleges that Scott Fischer — who took over the brand back in 2012 — regularly threatened to release nude photos of her to friends and family in an attempt to control her and to keep her from breaking up with him. When that didn’t work, the court filing claims, Fischer would dole out these pictures to third parties, including (but not limited to) her own mum.

Fischer’s legal team has attempted to portray the lawsuit as meritless without directly addressing the veracity of its claims.

In the suit, Brown says that she and Fischer dated from the start of 2019 to the end of 2020. Throughout this two-year stretch, she says, Fisher drank “frequently and excessively,” which over time allegedly resulted in him becoming emotionally abusive. Brown also claims that he used his small Dippin’ Dots fortune to try to make her financially dependent on him, after which he allegedly use this financial support as leverage to solicit nude photos that she says she otherwise wouldn’t give out. In some cases, the suit says, these photos were taken consensually, and in others, they were allegedly taken without Brown’s knowledge.

Ever since the two split at the end of last year, the lawsuit claims, Fischer’s used these photos as part of what Brown calls a nonstop “campaign of abuse and harassment,” where he threatened to leak her nudes to their mutual friends, on social media, and onto Pornhub. Eventually, this allegedly culminated in Fischer leaking nudes to Brown’s mother in an alleged attempt to extort her out of the dog that the two of them had shared and a car that the two had co-leased.

Per the suit, Fischer also attempted to wrangle Dippin’ Dots on-staff counsel into the affair, allegedly telling Brown that he would use the ice cream brand’s full corporate might to “reclaim” the dog. Then this past March, the suit alleges, Fischer told Brown he’d be filing a lawsuit against her of his own, as well as a restraining order against her.

We’ve reached out to Fischer’s legal team for comment on the case. In a statement to TMZ, his lawyers called the suit “nothing more than an attempt to extort” the Dippin’ Dots CEO.

“Mr. Fischer is disappointed this has become a legal matter despite his efforts to bring about a respectful resolution,” they said. “He is ready to put the matter behind him and move forward.”