Bugatti Chiron VS. Red Bull Racing: Who’s Taking The Fastest Quarter Mile Time?

Bugatti Chiron VS. Red Bull Racing: Who’s Taking The Fastest Quarter Mile Time?

Hypercars and F1 cars are both multi-million dollar machines designed for sheer speed, but neither are exactly designed for drag racing. But is that going to stop anyone from seeing how both machines compare on the quarter mile? Hell no.

CarWow went ahead and put both of these gorgeous machines to the test in a recent video that pits luxury against performance-based design. Both of these cars are quick as hell, but it’s hard to imagine the F1 car losing out. That said, this is the 2011 Championship-winning Red Bull RB7; it’s no spring chicken anymore. Not even David Coulthard behind the wheel can guarantee performance.

The RB7 is outfitted with a 2.4-litre V8 engine that makes 750 horsepower that’s only channeled into the rear wheels. It’s also a light vehicle, clocking in at only 650 kg.

The Bugatti Chiron, on the other hand, weighs a whopping 1,995 kg because its designers didn’t have to worry about strict weight-saving regulations. Its quad-turbo W16 engine makes 1,479 horsepower that hits all four wheels.

Neither car is exactly designed for a quarter-mile sprint but both are quick as hell in a straight line, which is part of what makes this little race so much fun.

Go ahead and watch the video from CarWow before I get ahead of myself and spoil the whole thing for you:

At the end of the day, it’s the F1 car that takes the win every time — though both the Chiron and the F1 machine look comparable when they leave the line. The Red Bull clocked in a 9.2 second quarter mile. The Chiron took 9.6 seconds. Even longer races didn’t change the results, leaving the RB7 in charge.

It’s one hell of a fun video, so make sure you give it a watch. You may not see anything like it again.