Big Mouth Spinoff Human Resources Reveals Its Monstrous Voice Cast

Big Mouth Spinoff Human Resources Reveals Its Monstrous Voice Cast
Welcome to Human Resources, which takes on a slightly different meaning here. (Image: Netflix)

How do these Hormone Monsters do it? That’s what the new Big Mouth spinoff is trying to find out. Netflix shared the first look at the voice cast for Human Resources — along with information about a new stop-motion anthology series and an animated comedy from Gravity Falls’ creative leads about hapless workers managing a “deep state.”

Netflix announced Human Resources’ voice cast during a session at the Annecy International Film Festival. The show is kind of a Monsters, Inc. for grown-ups situation, where we get to see the daily lives of the monsters who embody our hormonal changes. According to a Netflix press release, Big Mouth and Human Resources co-creator Nick Kroll will reprise his role as Maury the Hormone Monster alongside Maya Rudolph (Connie the Hormone Monstress) and David Thewlis (the Shame Wizard). Joining the cast are Keke Palmer, Aidy Bryant, Randall Park, and Brandon Kyle Goodman.

Huffing chem trails, hmm? You do you, I guess.  (Image: Netflix)Huffing chem trails, hmm? You do you, I guess. (Image: Netflix)

Another animated series in the works is Inside Job, created by Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi (Alex Hirsch, who created Gravity Falls, serves as an executive producer on this series). This show, which is the first in-house adult animation series from Netflix Animation Studios, is about a team of office drones who help run the shadow government at Cognito Inc. They’re led by tech genius Reagan Ridley (Castle Rock’s Lizzy Caplan), who stands out as the only person who thinks the world could be a better place. The cast also includes Christian Slater as Cognito Inc. head (and Reagan’s father) Rand Ridley, Clark Duke as Brett Hand, Tisha Campbell as Gigi, and John DiMaggio as a half-dolphin man named, well, Glenn Dolphman.

Finally, Netflix also revealed it’s developing a stop-motion limited anthology series called The House. The three-part anthology is a surreal look at a house and the people who try to make it their home, and it features filmmakers Emma de Swaef, Marc Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, and Paloma Baeza. The voice cast includes Miranda Richardson, Jarvis Cocker, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Will Sharpe, among others.

No release dates have been announced for the three upcoming animated projects.