Zoomers Are Sharing Cheat Codes for the Universe on TikTok and There’s No Way We Can Stop Them Now

Zoomers Are Sharing Cheat Codes for the Universe on TikTok and There’s No Way We Can Stop Them Now
Screenshot: Gizmodo

TikTok, a gathering place for the victims of moldavite’s curse and misfired hexes, is now also your source for mystic strings of numbers 4 manifesting the elusive blessings of the universe. The kids are sharing Grabovoi numbers, the cheat codes 2 the universe. If you think on them hard enough, the numbers will bring you good grades, weight loss, and much success in business endeavours. It’s the same thing as chain mail content from the late nineties, but this actually wØrks. [ed. note: It does not work.]

A search for the #grabovoicode hashtag pulls up hundreds and hundreds of videos, with an aggregate of 56.5 million views.

565…a palindrome.

They more or less follow the format of this video of text overlaid on footage of a floral duvet cover, to dreamy trance music, with the header:


(you can write them down, say them out loud, write them in the air, put them as ur phone’s pass, put them under ur pillow, etc.)

these changed my LIFE. ????

And then they show you the codes.







706485425 : business success

960745288 : academic success

26608934 : fame

87316 : weight loss

5294361 : love

2017133 : luck

487042169 : happiness ????

83609348 : grow taller

66940233 : shifting

There are more, very specific codes to *~maniFe5t~* your desires, including small perks like hair growth, nail growth, acne, clear skin, and, uh, curing cancer and AIDS (at least according to a numerology site).

The codes’ efficacy is unproven.

One TikToker claims to have “manifested over $US2,000 ($2,573) in unexpected cash,” another got an offer for a car (from their grandmother), another combined crystals with a code on paper and was offered a better-paying job and got a free accidental iPad from Amazon. Seems like writing them on the inner wrist is popular, though some insist that speaking them is the only way, and others instruct viewers to write them on scrap paper along with their date of birth.

If you’re wondering why, for the love of God, the teens held out on us for a whole year, the codes have been circulating off TikTok for some time. The numbers come from contemporary Russian numerologist healer Grigory Grabovoi, who has reportedly described himself as the second coming of Christ and has been described elsewhere as a cult leader. Grabovoi served a few years in prison for charging bereaved parents $US1,500 ($1,930) per resurrection of children killed in a military assault on a school.

So take that information and do what you want with it. (And please don’t write your social security number down for a TikTok video. I don’t know why you would, but this seems logical in numbers activation.) I will absorb TikTok’s tales of riches in my mindspace, for they bring me joy, and I’d like a free iPad.