SharkSmart NSW Is Frantically Tracking A Shark Tag On The Loose At Wollongong Uni

SharkSmart NSW Is Frantically Tracking A Shark Tag On The Loose At Wollongong Uni

I regret to inform you that there is a shark (tag) on the loose at…. wait for it… Wollongong University.

No, a shark hasn’t grown legs and waltzed onto the Duck Pond Lawn. But there is a rogue shark tracking device that is casually strolling around the university campus, and SharkSmart NSW really wants it back.

“Absolutely loving this, someone’s currently roaming around Wollongong Uni with a f*ckin active shark tag and SharkSmart is on Insta stories trying to get it back. Hot shark tags in your area,” a local wrote on Twitter.

According to SharkSmart, the tracker has “valuable data from the shark that it tracked for 120 days.”

Thankfully, the device wasn’t stolen, or worse, ripped out of a live shark. Instead, it was simply picked up along the foreshore of the Shell Harbour area over the last few days.

It’s unclear if the person in possession of the tracker even knows what it is, or what they intend on doing with it, but my best guess is that they’re cosplaying as a shark and running around the university campus with the Jaws music playing.

However, SharkSmart has desperately called for the safe return of the device, which contains important tracking data for researchers.

“If it’s in your possession, please contact NSW DPI on Instagram @nsw_sharsmart or [email protected],” SharkSmart asked on Instagram.

You would think it’d be easier to locate and retrieve the device, considering it’s a literal GPS tracker. But here’s hoping somebody (or shark) decides to safely return the device to SharkSmart so they can’t retrieve that valuable data and use it to prevent future shark attacks in the area.

If you or somebody you know is in possession of the tracker, please return it and email me at [email protected] and tell me your story because I have many questions.