New Rumour Claims Apple Is Developing A Handheld Gaming Console

New Rumour Claims Apple Is Developing A Handheld Gaming Console
Image: Apple

A suite of Apple products were announced recently, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from guessing what the tech giant is cooking up next. The latest word on the street is that Apple could be developing its own handheld gaming console.

It’s been thought for a while that Apple is looking to break further into the world of gaming but will this be the rumour that turns out to be true?

Could Apple be working on a handheld console?

This latest, very unconfirmed piece of information, suggests that Apple is working on a portable hybrid console, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

The rumour popped up on a Korean forum and was subsequently shared by @FrontTron on Twitter.

Take this rumour with a shaker of salt, but if the information is to be believed, it looks like the new hardware will include a new Apple-designed processor that will be capable of ray tracing.

This post also suggests that Apple is in negotiations with Ubisoft to create games for its new console. Ubisoft is home to AAA games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Immortals: Fenxy Rising.

It’s a tempting prospect. The Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling consoles, so it makes sense that Apple would be looking to invest in something similarly popular.

But then, with a suite of gaming-capable handheld devices like iPhone and iPads, does Apple even need a portable console? Particularly when devices like this exist.

Is Apple edging into gaming?

The rumours that Apple is moving into the gaming space have been rampant for a while.

The company already has a suite of games on its Apple Arcade platform, which recently received a big upgrade. Its in-house processors, particularly on the M1 Macs, are also far more suitable for gaming than previous Apple products, which shows a concerted shift.

Then there were the rumours that Apple’s next Apple TV would have a big focus on gaming. Bloomberg initially reported that Apple’s next TV box would have a stronger gaming focus, updated processor and new remote.

Well, Apple announced its new Apple TV last month and, while the latter two turned out to be true, the “strong gaming focus” is still lacking.

This doesn’t mean that Apple’s next iteration of the Apple TV won’t shift to a console-type device. But if this latest gap between models is anything to go by, we could be waiting a while.

There are also those rumours that Apple is working on a new mixed reality headset, which would open up a bunch of new avenues into the gaming world. This begs the question, would Apple really add a portable console to this lineup?

Perhaps not, but with a gaming Apple TV, a VR-type headset and now possibly a handheld console on the cards — it sure looks like Apple is looking closely at the gaming space. Or maybe that’s just what we want to believe.